About Feenchlet (formerly LolliPolish)

About Feenchlet 

Since we started in 2019 as LolliPolish, we have been offering unique and creative nail lacquers with special effects. Our thermal (especially tri-thermal) polish collection has been extremely popular.

In the journey, we were asked constantly if we will ever sell gel polish too. We ask ourselves what is the ultimate manicure solution for women today. We know the funds - or time - to go to salon, the tech to DIY gel nail art at home may not always be available. So what if we design, print and semi-cure in advance so you can get flawless ready-to-wear manicure at home with less effort and money. In a word, the ultimate solution should get the most out of least.

This is when Zinipin Gellight semi-cured gel nail strips from Korea got our attention. Semi-cured gel nails are thin strips of 100% gel polish that have been 60% cured in advance. They are flexible and can mold to fit your nails, but sturdy enough to remain intact while being peeled from the nail sheet. Once the nail strips are 100% cured, they are then fully hardened and attached to your nails. They look and feel just like a salon manicure, if not better!  

Therefore, we became official distributor of Zinipin in 2022. Also, Feenchlet branded gel nail wraps product line will be launched in summer 2023. This is when we know it's time for rebranding from LolliPolish to Feenchlet, with updated product catalog and new mission.


Our mission

Feenchlet is a new approach to nail beauty. No matter if you are into regular nail polish or semi-cured gel nail strips, our mission is to bring you special, flawless, effortless, affordable, creative and instagrammable manicure solutions. You can easily get salon-quality mani-pedi at home (or on the go), breaking the boundaries of time, space and budget. It’s about fun, easy, creative and freedom!

Don't be afraid to “color outside the box”