Jazz Up Your Manicure With Cat Eye Magnetic Nail Polish

Jazz Up Your Manicure With Cat Eye Magnetic Nail Polish

Women are pretty without makeup, but they can be pretty powerful with apt fashion accessories. From wearing a nice-fragrant perfume to designer clothes and elegant trinkets, she looks perfect if you add a cat-effect to it. Cat eye has been predominant in makeup from so many years, but it’s now made a move to your nails. Cat Eye Magnetic Nail Polish is in à la mode these days. Nail art has never been in the hottest trend, but with the onset of concept-based nail polishes, it is seeking attention. Magnetic nail polish is a newcomer to join the polish party!

Cat Eye Nail Art Trend Inspired By Winged Liner

The feline flick has made a huge jump from eyes to nails. Yes, the cat eye concept is very much popular in eye-liner. Women had gone crazy when cat eye style liner application was introduced and you could see every second girl wearing winged liner. It is still in fashion, but it has made its unique place on your nails in the form of cat eye manicure which can be attained through magnetism technology which is a physics concept that we used to study in primary schools. Let’s understand what these magnetic nail polishes are and how they work.  

What Is Magnetic Nail Polish?

Magnetic polish is the finest example of creative science that looks pretty cool. This nail polish has tiny metallic particles that give your nails a textured effect when a magnet approaches them. The magnet in the cap of the nail polish activates these particles and result in a textured finish. You can also get a great cat eye effect using magnetic nail polish. 

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How Does Magnetic Nail Polish Works?

It involves an exciting science to create a really impressive nail care concept. As already mentioned, the magnetic polish contains small metal particles and makes 3D patterns when exposed to a magnet.

Apply a base coat, put down on normal coat of the nail polish, and then blob on the next coat of nail polish. While the polish is still wet, roll over the magnet. The metal particles rise towards the magnet. The metal particles are dark in color which gives the nails a "textured" look along with the wave pattern in your nails that makes a cool wavy effect on your nails.

The patterns obtained in the nail polish vary greatly with the shape and force of the magnet. You can get meteorite, galaxy, cat-eye, burning, numb, gravity, and many more effects using these special magnetic nail polishes.


How to Use the Regular Magnetic Nail Polish?

The steps below are for regular magnetic nail polish and not for the get based nail polish.

  1. You need to prepare your nails first. Apply, the base coat, and wait for it to dry. You can use any base coat, but prefer black coat as effects are clearly visible on dark colors.
  2. Apply the first color coat and wait for it to dry. Apply the second coat, and wait again. This coat is not magnetic.
  3. Apply the magnetic nail polish and instantly roll over the magnet stick on the nail for at least 30 seconds. The closer the distance, the more clear the effect will be, but keep the stick away from the polish; otherwise it will spoil the finish and glaze. The textured effect is decided on the line of the magnet stick and the direction you put it.
  4. Apply a top coat, and bring the magnet stick close to the nails again for at least 30 seconds.

What’s So Special About Cat Eye Magnetic Nail Polish?

Using the same concept of magnet attracting metal particles in nail polish, you can get a cat eye appearing manicure. The cat eye look involves a diagonal line drawn straight through the middle of your nail, and more like actual cat eyes. The lines vary - some are straight, some are thick, some are wonky, some are thin. In most of the versions, a metallic stripe is used to create a luminous design. But you can also create this look with any two nail shades.

All you need is magnetic nail polish and special tools to create a cat eye look. Once you have a kit, you can give it a try as the process of creating textured effects is pretty simple. You can also go to the salon and ask for professional help for cat eye manicured nails.

Color Variants In Cat Eye Magnetic Nail Polish

Cat-eye nail polish is available in a wide range of colors and has a shiny strip down through the middle indicative of the intense, beautiful eyes of a cat. It appears like a contour of dark and bright colors that s made for Goth queens. Green, blueberry, purple, wine, and many more colors with cat eye effect simply slay the appearance of your nails. You will get a fantastic 3D cat eye effect with a color-changing feature. The best thing about these magnetic nail polishes is that they are safe to use, environmental-friendly, not at all poisonous, and free from pungent chemical materials. These are absolutely harmless to apply to humans. 

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